UNICEF Venture Fund Cohorts

UNICEF’s Venture Fund invests in early stage, open-source, emerging technology digital public goods with the potential to impact children on a global scale. It also provides product and technology assistance, support with business growth, access to a network of experts and partners to allow for scale and growth.


UNICEF Ventures explores technologies, such as blockchain, with the potential to impact children and young people globally, providing them with information, opportunity and choice.

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Data Science & AI

Data can provide the global community, governments,and international organizations like UNICEF with new and faster ways of analysing the world that generate critical insights into the needs of vulnerable populations, and where best to invest our scarce resources in emergency response.

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UNICEF and partners are exploring and assessing the industry capabilities, dynamics and economic viability of using drones to reach previously unreachable populations.

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Browse other UNICEF Venture Fund start-ups and Open Source projects from a range of frontier technology areas.

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The UNICEF Venture Fund looks for start-ups that are developing and piloting new open source VR/AR solutions.

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