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Decentralised application for saving circles. The payments will be done on the blockchain allowing the saving circles to be built regardless of the location of the users. The smart contract will automatize the payments and withdrawals on each period ensuring the users receive their funds.

DPG Indicators

The Digital Public Goods Standard is a set of specifications and guidelines designed to maximise consensus about whether a digital solution conforms to the definition set by the UN Secretary-General in the 2020 Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, which states that a DPG, “is open source software, open data, open AI models, open standards and open content that adhere to privacy and other applicable best practices, do no harm and are of high relevance for attainment of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. Learn more about the DPG here.

Below are the DPG indicators BX Smart Labs has met:

  • Relevance to Sustainable Development Goals
  • Use of Approved Open Licenses

Aligned SDGs


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