Documentation Hall of Fame

Real examples of Open Source projects with excellent documentation.

This page is a collection of good examples of Open Source documentation projects. The projects and examples listed here are not endorsements. It is a collection of good examples to inspire your own Open Source documentation!

1. Aggregations πŸ”—

The projects listed below aggregate several existing documentation projects:

  • Awesome Documentation: Community-curated resource with examples of great documentation in Open Source projects.

  • Awesome Docs with Static Site Generators: This repo is suppose to give you a bunch of links to themes or ready implementations of documentation portals. They will help you to quickly get some good samples to play with a static site generator that you are interested with.

  • Awesome READMEs: A curated list of awesome READMEs. Find the source content on GitHub.

2. Developer documentation πŸ”—

These examples show projects that offer clear and concise documentation for developers:

  • Small project: TeleIRC

    • Small project with over 20 contributors and over five years of activity.

    • Developer docs are focused on explaining key topics that come up often with new contributors:

      • Coding conventions by project maintainers

      • Contributing guidelines

      • Architecture/state diagram

      • Code testing best practices

  • Medium to large projects:

    • MongoDB

    • Laravel

    • Google MediaPipe: MediaPipe offers cross-platform, customizable ML solutions for live and streaming media. MediaPipe documentation clearly explains what MediaPipe is, its strongest benefits as a tool for developers, and helpful information to start using it.

  • Large project: JupyterLab

    • JupyterLab is a large project with over 300 contributors and used by nearly 30,000 GitHub users.

    • Extensive and well-organized developer documentation on a range of topics. Not only coding.

3. Toolchain-specific examples πŸ”—

These examples are aggregated by specific toolchains commonly used for Open Source documentation.

3.1. Golang Hugo πŸ”—

These examples are good examples of documentation written using the Hugo documentation tool-chain.

  • UNICEF Open Source Inventory: This website you are reading right now? The content is written in a mix of AsciiDoc and Markdown, and published with Hugo.

3.2. Python Sphinx πŸ”—

These examples are good examples of documentation written using the Python Sphinx documentation tool-chain. Sphinx has integrations that simplify writing API documentation for Python projects, based on code comments in doc-strings.

  • sphinx-docs-opinionated-quickstart: Quick-start, opinionated template repository to add Sphinx-based documentation to an existing project. Includes ready-to-use Travis CI and configuration files, so you can start writing your docs, and spend less time figuring out tools.

  • parsy: Parsy is an easy way to combine simple, small parsers into complex, larger parsers. If it means anything to you, it’s a monadic parser combinator library for LL(infinity) grammars in the spirit of Parsec, Parsnip, and Parsimmon.