Project Hall of Fame

This page collects various Open Hardware projects. These projects are not officially endorsed, but are listed here as a convenience to generate a list of examples for reference. For more detailed overviews, see the Case Studies page.

Check out the list of certified hardware from the Open Source Hardware Association for more inspiration.

1. Businesses & companies 🔗

1.1. Emergency response 🔗

  • Safecast: International, volunteer-driven, non-profit organization. Goal is to create useful, accessible, and granular environmental data.

1.2. Neuroscience 🔗

Organizations with a specific focus to neuroscience.

2. Distributors 🔗

3. Specific products & projects 🔗

  • Crowd Supply: Popular platform for Open Hardware crowdfunding. Not all funded projects are open source, but many are.

  • OpenROV: Low-cost telerobotic submarine/underwater drone built with the goal of making underwater exploration and education affordable (see Wikipedia).

  • RISC-V