Open Hardware reading list

A collection of various readings and articles related to Open Hardware.

1. Innovation 🔗

  • How Low and Middle-Income Countries Are Innovating to Combat Covid, "One-fifth of the innovative solutions to fight the Covid-19 pandemic have emerged from low and middle-income countries, and these responses offer promising insights for how we think about, manage, and enable innovation. As the international community now faces the historic challenge of vaccinating the world, more attention and resources must be directed to the innovators who are developing technically novel, contextually relevant, and socially inclusive alternatives to mainstream innovation management practices."

For example, innovators in low- and middle-income countries have developed numerous solutions that rely almost entirely on off-the-shelf parts that can be found in hardware stores. One example that quickly reached the Indian market is the AgVa portable ventilator, which:

  • Doesn’t need an oxygen supply (it oxygenates room air)

  • Builds on the computational power of mobile phones and a dedicated app

  • Weighs a fraction of typical commercial ventilators, making it easily portable

  • Has open-source specifications, making it adaptable for use in other countries and contexts

  • Costs less than a tenth of conventional ventilators and can be produced much more quickly.

Published 9 June 2021 - copyright Harvard Business Review and shared under Fair Use or §107 Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17)

3. Science 🔗

4. Miscellaneous 🔗

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  • Collaborative list of Open Hardware resources: "Awesome"-style, curated articles, websites, and resources by the Mozilla Open Hardware Leaders cohort. Features even more readings organized by different topics.

  • Zotero reference group: References and citations for Open Hardware works. Note this is likely most helpful for academics and researchers.