Open Source Mentorship programme overview

An introduction to the UNICEF Open Source Mentorship programme. Hosted by the Office of Innovation.

This page documents and explains the general structure, approach, and methods of the Open Source Mentorship programme hosted on this website. The Open Source Mentorship programme is offered by the UNICEF Venture Fund. See the table of contents for navigating.

1. Programme team 🔗

The Open Source Mentorship programme is administered by the Venture Fund Open Source Technical Advisor. Currently, this is Justin W. Flory <jflory [at] unicef [dot] org>.

Any mentor who is an active 3-month or longer engagement may be listed here as well.

2. Eligibility 🔗

The guided Open Source Mentorship programme is a 12-month incubator to help a small, agile team craft an Open Source strategy around a product. Eligibility for this hands-on, interactive mentorship is a closed invitation for the groups below:

2.1. Venture Fund grantees 🔗

Venture Fund grantees are eligible to enroll in the Open Source Mentorship programme for the duration of their workplans.

Venture Fund grantees learn about the Open Source Mentorship programme in their on-boarding webinars with the Venture Fund. Their assigned Open Source mentor will reach out with more information after on-boarding about enrollment.

2.2. UNICEF colleagues 🔗

UNICEF colleagues around the world are eligible to enroll in appointments with Open Source mentors, with priority to Country Offices.

Anyone associated with UNICEF may request appointments for evaluation and assessment by Open Source mentors. These appointments are scheduled as there is availability. Current wait times for appointments are within 1-2 weeks.

Email the programme team from a UNICEF email address to schedule an appointment.

2.3. Other groups 🔗

Other groups, including other UN agencies, NGOs, or community partners are not eligible for the Open Source Mentorship programme.

This limitation is to reduce risk and ensure capacity for meeting the needs of eligible groups. In the future, if additional capacity is added to the Open Source Mentorship programme, eligibility criteria will be reassessed.

3. References 🔗