Templates for programme mentors

This page is a copy-paste template of various templates I use for Open Source Mentorship meetings. I use these for my private notes about each team’s progress.

Induction agenda template

  • Agenda:

    • Introductions

    • Offer to record call

    • Review O.S. Terms of Reference

    • Review frequently-used resources (i.e. UNICEF Open Source Inventory & evaluation rubric)

    • Needs assessment (Q&A)

    • Open source strategy (12-month vision, 1-month action plan)

  • Needs assessment:

  • Open source strategy:

  • Action items for next time:

Initial research template

A template to help me prepare for Open Source induction calls. I have to get to know who I am talking to!

  • Tech stack:

  • Elevator pitch:

  • Expected Results:

  • Quarter-by-quarter breakdowns:

    • Q1:

    • Q2:

    • Q3:

    • Q4:

  • Revenue streams:

  • Collaborations:

  • Open Source:

    • Current (if any):

    • Future:

  • Team:

  • Repository Overview:

  • Initial thoughts / recommendations:

Email summary template

Coming soon.