Workflow: Update external UNICEF metrics

How a UNICEF contractor manages and updates metrics about Venture Fund portfolio company projects.

Open Source data and analytics are used across multiple tools and documents for talking about Venture Fund portfolio companies. When updating data sources in official UNICEF portals, follow this process for the quickest way of updating metrics.

  1. Open data input source (e.g. Sharepoint doc, Google Doc shared with company, etc.)

  2. Open dashboard for company/project

  3. Look at annual ranges first before doing quarterly ranges. Some metrics need to be collected manually for annual ranges:

    1. # of code contributors

    2. # of issue authors

    3. # of pull request submitters

    4. # of open/unresolved issues

    5. # of open/unresolved pull requests

  4. Update Cauldron ranges as needed for each quarter.

  5. Log metrics into data input source from Cauldron.