Call out specific information and details in an article using an admonition.

Admonitions are a technical writing tool to call out specific information and details in an article. This may be a note, general information, a tip, or a warning. The UNICEF Inventory supports multiple admonitions. These are used with shortcodes and work with any markup language (e.g. Markdown and AsciiDoc).

One caveat: AsciiDoc is not supported inside an admonition. Admonition content only renders Markdown and HTML.

See the examples below:

A notice admonition. A note can clarify a detail or expand on something mentioned in the article. It provides context and more detail.

A notice admonition. A tip can offer a suggestion or give a best practice to follow. It offers something instructional to the reader.

An info admonition. Calling out extra information is helpful if there are extra details, but might not relate to the topic at hand. It can be supplementary reading or a reference to other material.

A caution admonition. A caution is a light warning to a reader to take extra care when reading some information. Dismissing a caution might cause an inconvenience for a reader.

A warning admonition. A warning is a stern warning to a reader about something that could be harmful or damaging. There could be negative or severe consequences if the warning is dismissed.

An important admonition. This calls out anything of critical importance within an article. These admonitions demand the most attention from the reader and should be used sparingly.